Script for authenticating backplane hosts via Jabber
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(use-modules (srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-13)
(ice-9 binary-ports)
(ice-9 textual-ports)
(ice-9 format)
(ice-9 regex)
(rnrs bytevectors))
(define *host-passwd-file* (getenv "FUDO_HOST_PASSWD_FILE"))
(when (not *host-passwd-file*)
(format (current-error-port "FUDO_HOST_PASSWD_FILE not set~%"))
(exit 1))
(define *service-passwd-file* (getenv "FUDO_SERVICE_PASSWD_FILE"))
(when (not *service-passwd-file*)
(format (current-error-port "FUDO_SERVICE_PASSWD_FILE not set~%"))
(exit 1))
(define host-regex "^host-([a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)$")
(define service-regex "^service-([a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)$")
(define (make-verifier passwd-file)
(let ((passwds (load passwd-file)))
(lambda (username passwd)
(and (> (string-length passwd) 6)
(equal? (assoc-ref passwds username) passwd)))))
(define (make-authenticator host-verifier service-verifier)
(lambda (username hostname password)
(cond ((string-match host-regex username)
(host-verifier (match:substring (string-match host-regex username) 1)
((string-match service-regex username)
(service-verifier (match:substring (string-match service-regex username) 1)
(else #f))))
(define (make-handler handlers)
(lambda (request)
(let ((op (assoc-ref handlers (first request))))
(if op
(apply op (cdr request))
(define (auth-listener handler)
(let ((in (current-input-port))
(out (current-output-port)))
(while #t
(let ((size (bytevector-u16-ref (get-bytevector-n in 2) 0 (endianness big)))
(response (make-bytevector 4 0)))
(bytevector-u8-set! response 1 #x02)
(if (handler (string-split (get-string-n in size) #\:))
(begin (bytevector-u8-set! response 3 #x01)
(put-bytevector out response 0 4)
(force-output out))
(begin (bytevector-u8-set! response 3 #x00)
(put-bytevector out response 0 4)
(force-output out)))))))
(list (cons "auth"
(make-authenticator (make-verifier *host-passwd-file*)
(make-verifier *service-passwd-file*))))))