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Jörg Thalheim 744d5561be
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Alyssa Ross 16cdc10b48
google/pixelbook: init 2 years ago
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Add InfinityBook v4 (#159) 2 years ago
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Delan Azabani 7efd48f100
README: fix nix-channel --update command 2 years ago
worldofpeace 51fcafe779 README.md: 20.03 release 2 years ago
Niklaus Giger 12bb72aa6b Create separate directories for librem 13v3 and 15v3 2 years ago
Niklaus Giger c6722b86bf Document librem laptop 15v3 2 years ago
David Anderson 3d983701f9 lenovo/thinkpad/t495: init from e495. 2 years ago
Jörg Thalheim 9c952961f1
Add parallel test runner 3 years ago
Daniel Rafaj 26454a206d add xps 9560 root readme to be able to easily find 3 years ago
Luis Hebendanz 6c7550d0b4 Added entry Thnikpad E495 to README 3 years ago
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Alexander Berlind 5316e919c8 Add Dell XPS-7390 Profile (#128) 3 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 5b324c1825
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*Kim Zick ed0d3cc198 Initial p53 hardware configuration (#125) 3 years ago
Adam Sandberg Eriksson d942730634
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Samuel Leathers bdf4441d64
README: Update to 19.09 3 years ago
Robert Helgesson de600352bc
thinkpad/x1-extreme/gen2: add module 3 years ago
Ashley Gillman 26bbc980b9
Add Dell E7240 Profile 4 years ago
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angristan f08c8781fa README: 18.09 -> 19.03 3 years ago
Stanislas 1e4abf794a README: Add Dell XPS 13 9360 profile (#104) 3 years ago
Wael Nasreddine 36d8bd88cd
dell/xps/13-9380: init (#97) 4 years ago
Trolli Schmittlauch 1e2c130d38 add basic support for Lenovo Thinkpad T440s (#83) 4 years ago
Matthew Bauer 5e9f452385 doc/reviewing-contributions: pull-requests -> pull requests 4 years ago
André-Patrick Bubel 86cbb3256b
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Yegor Timoshenko ef54c618dc
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