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Eelco Dolstra 5c1f8cbc70 Move all of NixOS to nixos/ in preparation of the repository merge 9 years ago
Marc Weber 47e67f5e9c renaming all occurrences of /var/run/{booted,current}-system 10 years ago
Nicolas Pierron 729d19536c Manual (user configuration): Fix minor typo. 12 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 0efc29afa4 * Manual updates. 15 years ago
Wouter den Breejen 94854926fb Made the docs to install compiz fusion a little bit more clear. All credits go to Michael raskin. 15 years ago
Michael Raskin 8a887b6a94 Added Pidgin-LaTeX configuration section after pidgin-latex update; fixed the build process 15 years ago
Michael Raskin 5459a5c007 Added user configuration chapter - currently about Compiz. 15 years ago