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<book xmlns=""
<title>NixOS Manual</title>
<holder>Eelco Dolstra</holder>
<para>This manual describes how to install, use and extend NixOS,
a Linux distribution based on the purely functional package
management system Nix.</para>
<para>If you encounter problems, please report them on the
mailing list or on the <link
<literal>#nixos</literal> channel on Freenode</link>. Bugs should
be reported in <link
xlink:href="">NixOS’ GitHub
issue tracker</link>.</para>
<xi:include href="installation.xml" />
<xi:include href="configuration.xml" />
<xi:include href="running.xml" />
<!-- <xi:include href="userconfiguration.xml" /> -->
<xi:include href="troubleshooting.xml" />
<xi:include href="development.xml" />
<chapter xml:id="ch-options">
<title>List of Options</title>
<xi:include href="options-db.xml" />