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{ stdenv, squashfsTools, perl, pathsFromGraph
, # The root directory of the squashfs filesystem is filled with the
# closures of the Nix store paths listed here.
storeContents ? []
stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = "squashfs.img";
buildInputs = [perl squashfsTools];
# For obtaining the closure of `storeContents'.
exportReferencesGraph =
map (x: [("closure-" + baseNameOf x) x]) storeContents;
buildCommand =
# Add the closures of the top-level store objects.
storePaths=$(perl ${pathsFromGraph} closure-*)
# Also include a manifest of the closures in a format suitable
# for nix-store --load-db.
printRegistration=1 perl ${pathsFromGraph} closure-* > nix-path-registration
# Generate the squashfs image.
mksquashfs nix-path-registration $storePaths $out \
-keep-as-directory -all-root