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{ stdenv, perl, xz, pathsFromGraph
, # The file name of the resulting tarball
fileName ? "nixos-system-${stdenv.system}"
, # The files and directories to be placed in the tarball.
# This is a list of attribute sets {source, target} where `source'
# is the file system object (regular file or directory) to be
# grafted in the file system at path `target'.
, # In addition to `contents', the closure of the store paths listed
# in `packages' are also placed in the Nix store of the tarball. This is
# a list of attribute sets {object, symlink} where `object' if a
# store path whose closure will be copied, and `symlink' is a
# symlink to `object' that will be added to the tarball.
storeContents ? []
stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = "tarball";
builder = ./;
buildInputs = [perl xz];
inherit fileName pathsFromGraph;
# !!! should use XML.
sources = map (x: x.source) contents;
targets = map (x: contents;
# !!! should use XML.
objects = map (x: x.object) storeContents;
symlinks = map (x: x.symlink) storeContents;
# For obtaining the closure of `storeContents'.
exportReferencesGraph =
map (x: [("closure-" + baseNameOf x.object) x.object]) storeContents;