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Graham Christensen b1a05a0865
nixos: drop references to kde4
6 years ago
tests modules lib: type description in type error message 6 years ago
attrsets.nix lib: fix typo 7 years ago
composable-derivation.nix treewide: Make explicit that 'dev' output of curl is used 7 years ago
customisation.nix ~/.nixpkgs -> ~/.config/nixpkgs 6 years ago
debug.nix debug.nix: deprecate strict 7 years ago
default.nix lib: add ini configuration generator 7 years ago
deprecated.nix Update deprecated.nix 8 years ago
fetchers.nix lib/fetchers.nix: factor out impure proxy vars (#18702) 7 years ago
generators.nix lib/generators: mkKeyValueLine -> mkKeyValueLine (#20920) 7 years ago
licenses.nix dotnetPackages.Boogie: init at 2017-01-03 6 years ago
lists.nix Use builtins.partition if available 7 years ago
maintainers.nix range-v3: init at 2017-01-30 (#22661) 6 years ago
meta.nix Make appendToName do the right thing 9 years ago
minver.nix Expose minimum required Nix version. 8 years ago
modules.nix modules lib: type description in type error message 6 years ago
options.nix module system: extensible option types 7 years ago
platforms.nix platforms.nix: Add aarch64 to mesaPlatforms 6 years ago
sandbox.nix allow networking by default and remove it from derivations 8 years ago
sources.nix Expose guts of `cleanSource` 7 years ago
strings-with-deps.nix Replace references to all-packages.nix, by references to the top-level of nixpkgs repository. 7 years ago
strings.nix getVersion: first try drv.version before parsing 7 years ago
systems.nix lib: alphabetize things 7 years ago
tests.nix lib/generators: mkKeyValueLine -> mkKeyValueLine (#20920) 7 years ago
trivial.nix Excise use of importJSON 6 years ago
types.nix types library: add coercedTo 6 years ago