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Graham Christensen b1a05a0865
nixos: drop references to kde4
6 years ago
applications ne: migrate from (broken) tetex to texlive 6 years ago
build-support updateAutotoolsGnuConfigScriptsHook: Only fix files 6 years ago
data Merge branch 'master' into staging 6 years ago
desktops xfce4-panel: maintenance 4.12.0 -> 4.12.1 6 years ago
development Merge pull request #22540 from vrthra/rakudo-star-2017.01 6 years ago
games zdbsp: init at 1.19 6 years ago
misc U-Boot: Fix ubootBananaPi & ubootPcduino3Nano by adding python2 6 years ago
os-specific nvidia-x11: undo parallel building 6 years ago
servers knot-dns: maintenance 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1 6 years ago
shells bash-completion: call readlink without errors on Darwin 6 years ago
stdenv Merge pull request #22387 from Ericson2314/cross-3-platforms 6 years ago
test Remove cruft 7 years ago
tools tex4ht: deprecate in favor of texlive.tex4ht 6 years ago
top-level python-packages: update "osc" to latest version from git 6 years ago