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/* Library of low-level helper functions for nix expressions.
* Please implement (mostly) exhaustive unit tests
* for new functions in `./tests.nix'.
inherit (import ./fixed-points.nix { inherit lib; }) makeExtensible;
lib = makeExtensible (self: let
callLibs = file: import file { lib = self; };
in {
# often used, or depending on very little
trivial = callLibs ./trivial.nix;
fixedPoints = callLibs ./fixed-points.nix;
# datatypes
attrsets = callLibs ./attrsets.nix;
lists = callLibs ./lists.nix;
strings = callLibs ./strings.nix;
stringsWithDeps = callLibs ./strings-with-deps.nix;
# packaging
customisation = callLibs ./customisation.nix;
maintainers = import ../maintainers/maintainer-list.nix;
teams = callLibs ../maintainers/team-list.nix;
meta = callLibs ./meta.nix;
sources = callLibs ./sources.nix;
versions = callLibs ./versions.nix;
# module system
modules = callLibs ./modules.nix;
options = callLibs ./options.nix;
types = callLibs ./types.nix;
# constants
licenses = callLibs ./licenses.nix;
systems = callLibs ./systems;
# serialization
cli = callLibs ./cli.nix;
generators = callLibs ./generators.nix;
# misc
asserts = callLibs ./asserts.nix;
debug = callLibs ./debug.nix;
misc = callLibs ./deprecated.nix;
# domain-specific
fetchers = callLibs ./fetchers.nix;
# Eval-time filesystem handling
filesystem = callLibs ./filesystem.nix;
# back-compat aliases
platforms =;
# linux kernel configuration
kernel = callLibs ./kernel.nix;
inherit (builtins) add addErrorContext attrNames concatLists
deepSeq elem elemAt filter genericClosure genList getAttr
hasAttr head isAttrs isBool isInt isList isString length
lessThan listToAttrs pathExists readFile replaceStrings seq
stringLength sub substring tail trace;
inherit (self.trivial) id const pipe concat or and bitAnd bitOr bitXor
bitNot boolToString mergeAttrs flip mapNullable inNixShell isFloat min max
importJSON importTOML warn warnIf info showWarnings nixpkgsVersion version
mod compare splitByAndCompare functionArgs setFunctionArgs isFunction
toHexString toBaseDigits;
inherit (self.fixedPoints) fix fix' converge extends composeExtensions
composeManyExtensions makeExtensible makeExtensibleWithCustomName;
inherit (self.attrsets) attrByPath hasAttrByPath setAttrByPath
getAttrFromPath attrVals attrValues getAttrs catAttrs filterAttrs
filterAttrsRecursive foldAttrs collect nameValuePair mapAttrs
mapAttrs' mapAttrsToList mapAttrsRecursive mapAttrsRecursiveCond
genAttrs isDerivation toDerivation optionalAttrs
zipAttrsWithNames zipAttrsWith zipAttrs recursiveUpdateUntil
recursiveUpdate matchAttrs overrideExisting getOutput getBin
getLib getDev getMan chooseDevOutputs zipWithNames zip
recurseIntoAttrs dontRecurseIntoAttrs cartesianProductOfSets;
inherit (self.lists) singleton forEach foldr fold foldl foldl' imap0 imap1
concatMap flatten remove findSingle findFirst any all count
optional optionals toList range partition zipListsWith zipLists
reverseList listDfs toposort sort naturalSort compareLists take
drop sublist last init crossLists unique intersectLists
subtractLists mutuallyExclusive groupBy groupBy';
inherit (self.strings) concatStrings concatMapStrings concatImapStrings
intersperse concatStringsSep concatMapStringsSep
concatImapStringsSep makeSearchPath makeSearchPathOutput
makeLibraryPath makeBinPath optionalString
hasInfix hasPrefix hasSuffix stringToCharacters stringAsChars escape
escapeShellArg escapeShellArgs replaceChars lowerChars
upperChars toLower toUpper addContextFrom splitString
removePrefix removeSuffix versionOlder versionAtLeast
getName getVersion
nameFromURL enableFeature enableFeatureAs withFeature
withFeatureAs fixedWidthString fixedWidthNumber isStorePath
toInt readPathsFromFile fileContents;
inherit (self.stringsWithDeps) textClosureList textClosureMap
noDepEntry fullDepEntry packEntry stringAfter;
inherit (self.customisation) overrideDerivation makeOverridable
callPackageWith callPackagesWith extendDerivation hydraJob
makeScope makeScopeWithSplicing;
inherit (self.meta) addMetaAttrs dontDistribute setName updateName
appendToName mapDerivationAttrset setPrio lowPrio lowPrioSet hiPrio
inherit (self.sources) pathType pathIsDirectory cleanSourceFilter
cleanSource sourceByRegex sourceFilesBySuffices
commitIdFromGitRepo cleanSourceWith pathHasContext
canCleanSource pathIsRegularFile pathIsGitRepo;
inherit (self.modules) evalModules unifyModuleSyntax
applyIfFunction mergeModules
mergeModules' mergeOptionDecls evalOptionValue mergeDefinitions
pushDownProperties dischargeProperties filterOverrides
sortProperties fixupOptionType mkIf mkAssert mkMerge mkOverride
mkOptionDefault mkDefault mkForce mkVMOverride mkStrict
mkFixStrictness mkOrder mkBefore mkAfter mkAliasDefinitions
mkAliasAndWrapDefinitions fixMergeModules mkRemovedOptionModule
mkRenamedOptionModule mkMergedOptionModule mkChangedOptionModule
mkAliasOptionModule doRename;
inherit (self.options) isOption mkEnableOption mkSinkUndeclaredOptions
mergeDefaultOption mergeOneOption mergeEqualOption getValues
getFiles optionAttrSetToDocList optionAttrSetToDocList'
scrubOptionValue literalExpression literalExample literalDocBook
showOption showFiles unknownModule mkOption;
inherit (self.types) isType setType defaultTypeMerge defaultFunctor
isOptionType mkOptionType;
inherit (self.asserts)
assertMsg assertOneOf;
inherit (self.debug) addErrorContextToAttrs traceIf traceVal traceValFn
traceXMLVal traceXMLValMarked traceSeq traceSeqN traceValSeq
traceValSeqFn traceValSeqN traceValSeqNFn traceFnSeqN traceShowVal
traceShowValMarked showVal traceCall traceCall2 traceCall3
traceValIfNot runTests testAllTrue traceCallXml attrNamesToStr;
inherit (self.misc) maybeEnv defaultMergeArg defaultMerge foldArgs
maybeAttrNullable maybeAttr ifEnable checkFlag getValue
checkReqs uniqList uniqListExt condConcat lazyGenericClosure
innerModifySumArgs modifySumArgs innerClosePropagation
closePropagation mapAttrsFlatten nvs setAttr setAttrMerge
mergeAttrsWithFunc mergeAttrsConcatenateValues
mergeAttrsNoOverride mergeAttrByFunc mergeAttrsByFuncDefaults
mergeAttrsByFuncDefaultsClean mergeAttrBy
fakeHash fakeSha256 fakeSha512
nixType imap;
inherit (self.versions)
in lib