Library to generate hashes from Clojure data.
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(ns valuehash.api-test
(:require [clojure.test.check.generators :as gen]
[ :as prop]
[clojure.test.check.clojure-test :refer [defspec]]
[valuehash.api :as api]
(defprotocol Perturbable
"A value that can be converted to a value of a different type, but stil be equal"
(perturb [obj] "Convert an object to a different but equal object"))
(defn select
"Deterministically select one of the options (based on the hash of the key)"
[key & options]
(nth options (mod (hash key) (count options))))
(extend-protocol Perturbable
(perturb [obj] obj)
(perturb [l]
(select l
(if (< Byte/MIN_VALUE l Byte/MAX_VALUE) (byte l) l)
(if (< Integer/MIN_VALUE l Integer/MAX_VALUE) (int l) l)))
(perturb [d]
(if (= d (unchecked-float d))
(unchecked-float d)
(perturb [obj]
(let [keyvals (interleave (reverse (keys obj))
(reverse (map perturb (vals obj))))]
(select obj
(apply array-map keyvals)
(apply hash-map keyvals)
(java.util.HashMap. (apply array-map keyvals)))))
(perturb [obj]
(let [l (map perturb obj)]
(select obj
(lazy-seq l)
(apply vector l)
(apply list l)
(java.util.ArrayList. l)
(java.util.LinkedList. l))))
(perturb [obj]
(let [s (reverse (map perturb obj))]
(select obj
(apply hash-set s)
(java.util.HashSet. s)
(java.util.LinkedHashSet. s)))))
(defspec value-semantics-hold 150
(prop/for-all [o gen/any-printable]
(let [p (perturb o)]
(= (api/md5-str o) (api/md5-str p))
(= (api/sha-1-str o) (api/sha-1-str p))
(= (api/sha-256-str o) (api/sha-256-str p)))))