Library to generate hashes from Clojure data.
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(ns valuehash.bench
(:require [valuehash.api :as api]
[criterium.core :as c]
[clojure.test.check.generators :as gen]
[clojure.test.check.random :as random]
[clojure.test.check.rose-tree :as rose]))
(defn- sample-seq
"Return a sequence of realized values from `generator`.
Copy of the built in `sample-seq`, but lets you pass in the seed so benchmark
runs can be deterministic across machines."
[generator seed max-size]
(let [r (random/make-random seed)
size-seq (gen/make-size-range-seq max-size)]
(map #(rose/root (gen/call-gen generator %1 %2))
(gen/lazy-random-states r)
(defn- do-bench
"Benchmark the specified digest function, using the specified seq of sample data"
[do-digest data]
(let [data (doall data)]
(let [results (c/benchmark
(doseq [obj data]
(do-digest obj))
hps (/ (count data) (first (:mean results)))]
(c/report-result results)
(println "\nThis translates to about" (Math/round hps) "hashed objects per second")))))
(defn bench-small-vectors
(do-bench api/md5 (take 1000 (sample-seq (gen/vector gen/simple-type-printable) 42 10))))
(defn bench-small-maps
(do-bench api/md5 (take 1000 (sample-seq (gen/map
42 10))))
(defn bench-complex
(do-bench api/md5 (take 1000 (sample-seq gen/any-printable 42 100))))