62 Commits (master)

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niten 97042208ea Maybe unicode is causing lockups 1 month ago
niten aa70e136a8 Lockup, I think caused by emojis 3 months ago
niten 327ab8b05a Add binding for mc/mark-next-like-this-word 3 months ago
niten 2f07850d0a UI tweaks 3 months ago
niten f5b865248d Make Ivy completion more sophisticated 3 months ago
niten 1ad3344b03 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.fudo.org:2222/niten/doom-emacs 3 months ago
niten fc642ed3ae See what tree-sitter is for Nix 3 months ago
Niten f5f64049e4 Try out a new theme 5 months ago
Niten b0cd3ef52e ...And enable it 5 months ago
Niten ad9f2de279 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.fudo.org:2222/niten/doom-emacs 5 months ago
Niten b0975b8db5 When all subtasks are done, todo task is done 5 months ago
niten db24eccd77 Better to accept an env var for org dir. 5 months ago
niten 1b2ccf9dcc Set org & org-roam directories. 5 months ago
niten e28541411a package! isn't a drop-in replacement for use-package 5 months ago
niten e08a0da9b3 Add flycheck-clj-kondo for emacs linting 5 months ago
niten 33e2640c2f +roam -> roam2, see https://github.com/org-roam/org-roam/issues/1665 5 months ago
niten 1b4873046c Add org roam feature to emacs 6 months ago
niten b1fb131d24 Add org-roam 6 months ago
Niten 0908ea24d4 Get rid of all kbds 6 months ago
Niten cd9c0e5e26 (kbd ...) isn't working 6 months ago
Niten 88efe4b72d Remove php-mode, it's not building 6 months ago
niten da86e9ee52 Set C-M-backspace to kill-sexp 6 months ago
niten 9690d2591d Remove scala 6 months ago
niten 9f8c8770e4 Add binding for mc/mark-previous-lines 7 months ago
niten c45feb7fd8 Change theme, I'm getting bored of doom-one. 8 months ago
niten 3d990cdf82 Add multicursor prev line binding 12 months ago
niten 8be77a42d7 Add graphviz dot mode 12 months ago
niten 0a4f8ce412 Added embark 1 year ago
Niten 0ab1532c85 Allow for doom site.d from env 1 year ago
niten 6fdc2b5d0d Don't use ~ to find site.d 1 year ago
niten 0031a9fa40 Remove md4rd 1 year ago
niten 272271650d Forgetting nixified doom for now 1 year ago
niten 54f5012c37 Nope, that wasn't it 1 year ago
niten d582a5ab83 Is python the one requiring cmake? 1 year ago
niten 266c3c0908 Don't load any extra packages 1 year ago
niten df4d9f2707 Comment out elpher for now 1 year ago
Niten e58543449f Disable TLS checks for elpher. 2 years ago
Niten 42f747cdf2 Check value of md4rd variables before login 2 years ago
Niten b3df4f587c whoops, subreddits aren't varnames 2 years ago
Peter Selby 744d57c895 Added md4rd config 2 years ago
Niten f7461ba04f Don't want reddigg 2 years ago
Peter Selby b0c915b1ab Add reddit readers to emacs 2 years ago
Niten 114bc79d43 Specify new source and branch for elpher 2 years ago
Niten 349edaa2b3 Enable email 2 years ago
Peter Selby c57d6712e3 Disable the frickin mouse 2 years ago
Peter Selby 130fa9953a Subword mode (i.e. camelcase) 2 years ago
Peter Selby 94f12b766f Set exec-path based on PATH 2 years ago
Peter Selby bc8224ec11 Fix extended-command 2 years ago
Peter Selby a49d032d54 Ignore 'local' files 2 years ago
Peter Selby 90c3ef3a07 A couple errors 2 years ago