37 Commits (3d990cdf82fc7d5a6c8fd033e8bcf460fb27df1b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
niten 3d990cdf82 Add multicursor prev line binding 6 months ago
niten 8be77a42d7 Add graphviz dot mode 7 months ago
niten 0a4f8ce412 Added embark 9 months ago
Niten 0ab1532c85 Allow for doom site.d from env 11 months ago
niten 6fdc2b5d0d Don't use ~ to find site.d 11 months ago
niten 0031a9fa40 Remove md4rd 11 months ago
niten 272271650d Forgetting nixified doom for now 11 months ago
niten 54f5012c37 Nope, that wasn't it 11 months ago
niten d582a5ab83 Is python the one requiring cmake? 11 months ago
niten 266c3c0908 Don't load any extra packages 11 months ago
niten df4d9f2707 Comment out elpher for now 11 months ago
Niten e58543449f Disable TLS checks for elpher. 1 year ago
Niten 42f747cdf2 Check value of md4rd variables before login 1 year ago
Niten b3df4f587c whoops, subreddits aren't varnames 1 year ago
Peter Selby 744d57c895 Added md4rd config 1 year ago
Niten f7461ba04f Don't want reddigg 1 year ago
Peter Selby b0c915b1ab Add reddit readers to emacs 1 year ago
Niten 114bc79d43 Specify new source and branch for elpher 1 year ago
Niten 349edaa2b3 Enable email 1 year ago
Peter Selby c57d6712e3 Disable the frickin mouse 1 year ago
Peter Selby 130fa9953a Subword mode (i.e. camelcase) 1 year ago
Peter Selby 94f12b766f Set exec-path based on PATH 1 year ago
Peter Selby bc8224ec11 Fix extended-command 1 year ago
Peter Selby a49d032d54 Ignore 'local' files 1 year ago
Peter Selby 90c3ef3a07 A couple errors 1 year ago
Peter Selby 57726ebe79 Define all key bindings, from scratch 1 year ago
niten ecf6d3e170 Imbalanced parens...fuck i need to do this in emacs 1 year ago
niten f89cc7e24e Remove extraneous dash 1 year ago
niten 262234fa75 For string join, use "" as default joiner 1 year ago
niten 744b82451b Add function to intern bash env vars in emacs 1 year ago
niten 9b94939c42 In eshell, use cat as pager and emacsclient as editor 1 year ago
niten 467c45705c Add C-)/( keyboard shortcuts for paredit mode. 2 years ago
niten ed65ca4881 Enable ivy-prescient-mode 2 years ago
niten aac88209d0 Add ivy-prescient to packages 2 years ago
niten 7b6e0f2ae6 Set default tab width 2 years ago
Niten 0613fcec82 Added custom config 2 years ago
Niten 390b95c46c Initial commit 2 years ago