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niten e0bffa4095 Update home-manager flake 3 months ago
niten 330d0a014f Try to ensure all nixpkgs are the same 3 months ago
niten 583d194990 RNemove nixops from niten 3 months ago
niten 1837aff1c6 Working flake-based nixops config 3 months ago
niten 1530695707 Updated flake.nix 3 months ago
niten d40a3ae2c6 Updated flake.lock 4 months ago
niten e47f7bf571 Update flake 4 months ago
niten 711576e6e4 Change source of user home 4 months ago
niten 722fb553f4 Add default.nix back once it's got a purpose 4 months ago
niten a77fbf9682 Only set up home dirs for local users 4 months ago
niten 94f5f2560a added module.nix 4 months ago
niten da66cecbff default.nix -> module.nix 4 months ago
niten e1af5856b5 two-step default 4 months ago
niten fe65fa2566 Added flake.nix 4 months ago
niten 3f509d0829 Minor formatting 4 months ago
niten dcab43275a Added config for xiaoxuan 4 months ago
niten 0d213bdbf0 Dispatch on the username, add xiaoxuan 4 months ago
niten 5a8601bc6e Add working doom packages file 4 months ago
Niten 932f49fd76 'prev' is referring to emacsPackages in this case 5 months ago
Niten 20a35aebe8 Fix references to prev 5 months ago
Niten 152e393798 Use 'let' version, no 'pkg' version anymore 5 months ago
Niten 2f12dd7587 Add doom-emacs-package.nix 5 months ago
Niten b08a7e0e23 Fuck it, just manually create a package 5 months ago
Niten ed345c171f Try not depending on pkgs 5 months ago
Niten fd36faff25 Changed var name: homedir -> home-dir 5 months ago
Niten f25378fb5f Remove allowUnfree 5 months ago
Niten ea3bb0706e Don't use callPackage? 5 months ago
Niten 368254ece7 Remove the brackets again? 5 months ago
Niten 5562694404 Don't use rec, use final 5 months ago
Niten e7dcc07974 Does this make it an overlay? 5 months ago
Niten eceffe2a12 overlays -> nixpkgs.overlays 5 months ago
Niten b1d33f55d0 Fix variable name 5 months ago
Niten 8b7702ce46 Fix call to callPackage 5 months ago
Niten 241f5f26c3 Add default.nix 5 months ago
Niten 8784c36ae7 Initial checkin 5 months ago